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Amazing Grace is a Friday Afternoon K-12 Homeschool Enrichment Program. The cost to register is $150 per family for the school year.

Amazing Grace is not a school but enrichment added to your child’s current education plan.

Our Vision: To glorify God by teaching His word and providing support, connection and enrichment for the homeschooling families in our community.


Our Mission: To enrich, equip and encourage through faith, fun and fellowship.

Friday Afternoon  Schedule

Drop off at 11:45 AM, Pick up at 3:15 PM
One Friday afternoon per month parent volunteer commitment (see FAQ for details)


Food, faith, fun and fellowship!


Block 1: Lunch (12:00-12:30 PM)

All students arrive at 12:00pm with their sack lunch. During this time they learn the Lord's Prayer and eat at a table with other children in their age group.

Block 2: Bible (12:30-1:00 PM)

Students will be learning Luke this year in their age groups. During this time they will listen and/or read scripture from their NIV bible.


Block 3:  "Create" (1:00-1:45 PM)

All students gather together to work on art/craft projects. 

Block 4: Music (1:45-2:30 PM)

Students will listen, analyze, perform and create music in a group.


Block 5:  PE (2:30-3:15 PM)

PE is a time for kids to play and exercise.

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