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Dual Enrollment

Many local families have chosen to remove their children from traditional public school and enroll in a remote public charter school/homeschool hybrid option (e.g. Oregon Family School or Bridge Charter Academy). Some of these families have reached out to us asking if it's possible to enroll in the Amazing Grace Christian Academy as well as stay enrolled in the charter school. The answer is, YES! Since we are a "homeschool support program" (we are not a school that keeps records and we are not government funded). Please note that if you receive funds from a public charter school to use towards curriculum you are not allowed to use those funds on faith-based curriculum. However, at the academy, some of the items on our curriculum list are not faith-based.

Families who are enrolling in our academy as well as a local charter school have mentioned some benefits they're looking forward to:


"My kids will be in a classroom for 3 days a week with the charter and academy. This will give me more time during the day to get other things done at home. I also like that I don't have to give up our in-person day at the charter school so my son can still see his friends and we're able to use the charter money for his other lessons."


"I've felt guilty that we haven't been staying on track with our curriculum and pacing at the charter school, so the extra accountability from the academy will help us stay on track. It makes me feel better knowing they are having more structure We are also looking forward to the Bible lessons at the academy."


"It's overwhelming picking out curriculum each year and I like that the academy has already reviewed options and choose what we'll be using. I also am looking forward to lesson plans so I can just follow a checklist during the home days. Having a teacher teach the lessons in-person will be really helpful, especially since I homeschool more than one kid."

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